Sunday, April 26, 2009

Under The Sun

Ok, so I'm a huge Joe Budden fan. Yes, that's the guy that made "Pump It Up" way back in 2003, damn I'm gettin old. Anyways, though you may know him for that poppy, radio friendly cut, I know Joe Budden as the most personal and insightful and witty, artist that the rap "game" has to offer. One reason, I'm such a huge fan of his is because he makes himself sound like the common human being. Joey allows one to view him as just another human, one that just so happens to be able to write some thought provoking things, thus making him easier to relate to than these other "rappers".

Which is what this post is about. Below is the third verse from a song of his titled "Under The Sun" which can be found on his Street Album "Halfway House", which is awesome btw. This verse right here is a little sample of him displaying himself as someone I can directly relate to. And I'm sure many others can. You have to know his "story" to understand what I mean fully, listen to his Mood Muzik catalog for that, but anyone who has ever been in a relationship, got out of thata situation and ended up in a better one shortly after, can relate to this verse. He absolutely destroys this verse with its direct message, clever lines and emotion in his delivery. Click below for the audio, and rap along if you'd like lol. Enjoy!

"When I see you I'm disgusted
Can't believe I was ever in love with
Must've been dusted
Cuz you look like shit, all these years they aint done you no justice
I mean you all fucked up, can't get cash
Still bitter over a past you can't get past
Just sad, get mad, cuz my bitch bad
Every day she switch heels, switch bags
Its like we living on a dock, big pad
You can't afford a deposit on my closet
Since you, all I've ever known was fly shit
Unfortunately you aint fit in that logic
Cuz you're much less
Sometimes you gotta stand by your failures to recognize your success
Still I be the bigger man and wish her all the best
If I know her she'll never get it
So why would she ever quit it

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