Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter here. Twitter there. A little Twitter EVERYWHERE?? >:o

Seriously, this is getting outta hand. When will the social network madness end? Facebook virtually has EVERYTHING one could ask for in terms of a social network. So why do we NEED Twitter? To let EVERYONE, or those whom choose to "follow" us, know what we are doing, thinking, and/or feeling at every moment. I mean what is its benefits seriously?

Now, I'm not knocking Twitter completely. I do see some instances where it is necessary. For instance, celebrities, I can see how they benefit from it. Its definitely a new, innovative and inexpensive way to market oneself. Who needs a PR person when you can PR for yourself from behind your lap top. In addition its a great way to keep people up to date with any news involving yourself. I completely see the use there. In addition, business owners. Much like celebs, its a way of advertisement. Beginning business owners can use twitter to grow their business without the help of buying a commercial slot or news paper ad.

As and aspiring rapper, and business owner, I will have a twitter in the future. However, the concept of having one as a "regular" human being, that is currently just in school until my newest endeavors begin, is pointless and almost obsessive. Because lets be honest, do we REALLY care what everyone is doing at every moment? I know I'm not that interested.

As you can see my feelings towards twitter are kinda mixed. I just don't see the value of it unless you have something to advertise. So that's why I wrote this blog. Can anyone give me five, just five reason, or ways rather, one can benefit from twitter? All I need is someone to tell me why its such a "big" deal, because right now, I just don't see it.

Signing off, Twitter (k), Facebook or die!!!!

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