Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Additions

Ok so I've been gone for a week. Do not fret however, I have been away with good reason. But now I'm back, and I didn't come empty handed. I have done some brainstorming and tried to figure out how I can grow this blog. So with no further adieu, here are some of the things you can expect to find on my blog:

1. Song of the week: I will update this every weekend, to allow readers to check out what I'm currently rockin out too, and maybe we share the same loves and you will appreciate it.

2. Honey of the Month: Yes, its exaclt ywhat it sounds like. I will have a new eye candy every month that I will pay tribute to for their wonderful God given ass-ets lol. Ladies, before you get mad, they wont be your regualr half naked women. I will put women who are actually makin moves. I may even use real friends of mine if they permit lol.

3. More of my music

4. Interviews with rising stars: In the coming months I will have interviews with friends of mine who are currently doing their thing. Dont worry, they wont be "nobodies". Someof you may recognize many of them.

Well thats all the additions I thought of. You will still get regular me, poems, thoughts, ideas, etc. I just wanted to try and expand my blog in other ways. Well I hope you all will enjoy. Thanks for reading, peace!

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