Saturday, May 2, 2009


See love is such a vicious cycle,
That's why I could never feel that way for you,
I've tried, and tried, Lord knows that I have,
But I will never feel that way for you,
And it's not you, as much as its me
Shit, its not even really me
It's her...
But if I went into detail with her about her past,
I'm pretty sure that I would learn that it isnt her either,
It was him...
In the end, its always them,
You weren't there when I spent those sleepless nights after our deepest fights,
Trying to figure out how I could make shit right,
And you didnt feel how it feels to hear, the one you love become your biggest fear,
As you lay on your back with tearful ears,
Now im stuck with these tears for years,
And now I'm scared,
Scared of me
Scared of you
Scared of feelings and all that they do
Im scared of the truth, to tell you the truth
What's left to do?
See, this is why I asked you to not ever say those words to me
Cuz wether you mean them or not, they're just words to me
That dont really have worth to me
And I'm not doin this shit purposely
I just feel so worthless, see
The last time I gave my all and my heart
I was all torn apart
And you can try and put me back together, but the fact remains
That somewhere out there there is a piece of me that I dont think will ever be found
I doubt she even has it now
So until its returned, your just gonna have to wait your turn
My last love was hot, and I ended up burned
So dont take it personally, my friend
Cuz in the end, its never you,
It's always them...

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Adiam said...

Thats a really nice poem jay.