Friday, March 20, 2009


Here I sit in this dreaded 8 am class, doing everything possible to stay focused
Yet I fail
Sure I can see the teacher talking, and gesturing with his hand and eyes
Obviously saying something of importance,
But thats not what I hear
I can hear the girl sitting in back of me texting
Even more, trying to somehow giggle discreetly
But I can hear her
And thats not it,
I can hear my mom yelling at me when I get home later on
Because I forgot to take the trash out this morning
And yes, I heard her when she told me
But at that time I could also hear my phone ringing,
Which turned into a twenty minute conversation
I heard that
But now all I hear is the guy to my right flipping through the pages of his noteebook
What could he be looking for?
Before I couuld answer I heard a pen drop
I bent down to pick it up and I heard the class laugh hysterically
What were they laughing at?
I guess someone made a joke,
I obviously didnt hear that
I suddenly paid attention for a short period of time
That is, until I could hear the screams and tears of my now ex-girlfriend
I can hear tears developing in my eyes,
But before I could cry
I hear my name
Again its said, I blink twice and look up
Now I can hear nothing
"Are you gonna answer?" my teacher said
Before I replied, I could only hear myself in my head,
"I will never take an 8 am class again", then I responded,
"I'm sorry, what was the question again I didn't hear you"

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Anonymous said...

I like this.. but iono what i was screamin and cryin abt.