Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To My Future Wife!

While lieing in my bed EARLY this morning ,3:45 am to be exact, I began to ponder on my future. And not just the next 6 months or next year, I mean my REAL future, one consisting of adulthood, and a family, MY WIFE! As I lie there I began to go down the list of girls I have been in relationships with and asked myself. "Did these women possess qualities that I would want my wife to have?"

The answer was simple, "Not all of them". So I told myself, "self! No more getting SERIOUSLY involved with women who do not have qualities I would want my wife to have"

Now, this doesn't mean I wont date casually or "have fun" by any means. It simply means that, well, at 21 its about that time I prepare for my future. So I ask you potential "wfieys"...What is it that you bring to the table that will help not only me, and us, but YOU in the future. If the answer is nothing or not anything of substance and worth there is no need for us to be taking one another serious.

Anyways, as I lie there I began to appreciate my future wife for loving me despite the person I was prior to her, and became thankful even in her mysteriousness. So, I decided to write her a letter to let her know how I feel about her. As I always suggest, enjoy!

Dear ____________,

I'm unsure of when we will get the opportunity to talk in person, so I figured I'd write you this letter in advance.

I wanna first apologize. I haven't been the best man. I know it only matters how I treat you from here on out, but I hate the man I was before I met you. Though I am extremely thankful for the man you have molded me to become, along with my past, there are still things I wish I had never done. But then again, who would have thought I would marry someone so perfect. At least in my eyes.

I mean look at you! From your hair, to your nails, all the way down to your feet. The smile you possess, mixed with the touch of an angel and walk of a runway model, all contribute to your flawlessness. Whether you are in your Sundays best, dressed for another day at the office, or simply lounging around the house, there is not a time I view you as less than perfect. Have I told you how much I loved you lately?

I love you because you make me happy to be me. I love you because the attraction is so much more than physical. Sure there is none more pretty than you, but it is the intangibles that attract me to you so much. Its the things like your laugh, intellect, and conversation that stimulate me the most. From our dates, to the nights we simply lie in each others arms and tell stories of when we were younger to one another, or imagine the future ahead of us, every moment with you remains timeless, and a past time I will never forget. You have the uncanny ability to make every night, every kiss, every touch, every date feel like it is our very first time sharing that moment with one another. And that can never be duplicated.

But there's one thing I don't understand. Why do you love me? I mean I'm a decent man, and I thank you for continually letting me know, but let's just look at the negative things about me...

I sometimes forget to flush

I'm not a virgin

I've cheated before

I've stolen before

I've lied countless times to people

I don't go to church EVERY Sunday

I'm jealous

I don't wash the dishes

I forget to check my messages

I don't look like Idris Elba

I enjoy the strip club

Oh and let's definitely not forget....I'm not perfect

Yet in still, you love me the same! And I will forever be thankful for that. We may or may not have met already, but one thing I am for sure of, is that I love you unconditionally and there is nothing in the world that will change that. I'm thankful for your love, your kiss, touch, and friendship, in advance. And I look forward to seeing you on that glorious day in which we look into each others eyes, souls and say "I do". Until that day comes, take care of yourself, and do not worry, I will take care of you shortly my love!


Ozi.Bang.Bang said...

wow, ok.
whoever becomes your future wife, you'll be very lucky to have each other.

Good Luck

adu206 said...

This is real DEEP lol....................That letter is real sweet tho :)

adu206 said...

this is real deep lol.......the letter is sweet tho :)