Sunday, June 7, 2009

Help Me Help You!

I often wonder, what's worse, not having dreams, goals, and aspirtations, or not having the resources to work toward your aspirations? I used to think the former. However, currently I feel its the latter. Maybe its because that's me right now. I have many peers who are currently graduated from college, begun careers, or have established themselves into becocming at least some of what they dream to become.But what about me? Me, I'm a man with many dreams, many plans, and many ideas, talents and concepts, all I need is one shot, one opportunity and I know I can show the world all that I possess. I guess, I just want a connection. A connection to something or someone that will help propel me to the heights I dream to reach. And its not about me having my hand out, its simply, well, you know the adage "its not what you know but who you know", yea I'm beginning to realize just how powerful and true that is. So this is my effort to know someone, lol. If you feel like you can help me in anyway, lets link up and make history!

--Simply Komplex

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